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Types of Accounting and Marketing Consulting Agencies for Business

by Mike Wong

Every business requires outside help from consulting agencies but these helps vary from company to company. Consulting agencies vary from each other with respect to the services they provide such as Ihcas Halal Certification & Consultancy Agency . Small scale consulting agencies often provided one or two services and the rest are utilized by any other consulting agencies. But the agencies that are well established possess all the services within their grasp. They have a big number of work force dealing with every matter related to the business.

Accounting consultancy firms are summed up in various different types. The first type is the Full-Service accounting firm. Like mentioned before, these types of firms provide multiple varieties to their customers. These are usually internationally based firms and have offices all over the world. Their clients are big business companies who pay them huge amount of money for the services they provide. 2nd type of firm is Tax firm. They are responsible for providing tax services only. Such firms focus on one niche market and make sure that they have maintained competitive advantage over their competitors. Taxes like federal, state, general sales tax are most common services provided by tax firms. Audit firms are another type of accounting consultancy firm. These firms are responsible for making the audit of their client’s financial statements and provide their expert opinion to the client. Another very interesting type of accounting firm is the risk management firm. Every business faces such decisions which are full of risks. Some risks are worthy to be taken others should be passed on. This decision is made with help of accounting firms. They will help business avoid any risk that could lead to potential losses and will encourage the business to take risks that have higher chance of profit generation.

Similarly, marketing consultancy agencies are also divided into various types. The first one is small business advisor. This type helps the startups or small-scale businesses like salons and spas to attract more customers with unique approach towards business strategies. The next type of marketing agency works with bigger clients like real estate agents said Mandreel Branding, Creative & Graphic Design Agency. Their responsibility is to bring clients and sponsors for the business. They utilize web advertisements and social events to attract more customers for the business. In today’s age marketing consultancy is more over digital platform and less in physical form. So, the most used type of marketing consultancy agency is Social Media consultants. These firms provide their expertise about which social media platform would yield maximum customer output and it should be invested at what rate is also identified by this consultancy. This consultancy type takes over the control of social media on behalf of the business. They post stuff on internet platforms like twitter, Facebook and Instagram to make sure that the business reaches maximum popularity among public and would result in more customer engagement with the business.

So, the consulting agencies vary from each other in matter of the tasks they do for the businesses. This may vary from business to business and between consulting agencies as well. You can visit agency such as Ihcas to get to know more about them.


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