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The Types and Uses of Rubber Stamp in Singapore

by Jonathan Toki

Even though it may appear old and outdated, rubber stamps are still used in these days’ activities, especially when it comes to the day to day job around the office. In fact, it has quite an important role in a company or organization. Rubber stamp in Singapore are often used to authorize and authenticate legal documents before they get released from the company to ensure its originality so that the receiver of the letter can be sure of its source.

Even if you are not in a company or organization, you can still find rubber stamps useful. It can help you with organizing documents or even simply for creative purposes, such as art and decoration. Stamps can be used for many things and it can be manufactured according to your needs.

Did you know that after so many years of its existence, there have been slight improvements and innovations that resulted in a few different types of rubber stamps that you can choose?

1. Traditional Rubber Stamp

This is one of the most common types of stamps that is well known among people. The traditional rubber stamp has the simplest mechanism; it simply has a rubber that is engraved with a certain design, and the rubber itself is attached to a handle. In the past, the wooden handle was more common. However nowadays, people seem to prefer plastic material because it is lighter and most likely cheaper too. The downside about this stamp is that it requires a separate ink pad, making it less convenient to carry around. However, if you only need to stamp at your desk, then this should not be a problem.

2. Pre inked stamp

A pre inked stamp is a slightly advanced type of stamp where the stamp ink gets molded into the wording that is carved on the rubber. It is slightly more durable than the traditional rubber stamp because it usually comes in a better plastic body quality. Compared to the traditional rubber stamp, a pre inked stamp can leave an impression that looks sharper and crisp. A lot of professionals use this type of stamp because it is convenient for it doesn’t need a separate ink pad, and it can imprint a high quality mark.

3. Self inking stamp

A self inking stamp is quite similar to a pre inked stamp, where it doesn’t need a separate ink pad because it is already pre loaded with ink. A self inking stamp will reload itself after each impression made, so you don’t have to bother about carrying an ink pad with it as you go around with your stamp. This type of rubber stamp is capable of producing the best quality impression compared to the previous two. However, it can get quite expensive in price for its high quality.

Tip: Whatever type of stamp you’d like to go with, make sure that you get your stamp produced by a reputable stamp manufacturer. Also, try to order many different types of stamps at a time, especially if you are ordering for your office. Not only that it may get you a discount, but the number of stamps can also assist you in various types of works.

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