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The Things You Should Avoid When You Make Packaging Sticker

by Jonathan Toki

Stickers can be used for a variety of purposes. You can make it as a promotional media, decoration item, or even for product packaging. The packaging sticker is used widely because it easy to make and apply. Moreover, you can also have packaging stickers at an affordable price.  

If you have any interest and deciding for making a packaging sticker, there are a few things you need to avoid. Hopefully, by avoiding a few mistakes, you can minimize the failure risk of your sticker. So, here are the things you should avoid! 

1. Forgetting to Check the Typographical Error 

You might include some of the information on your packaging sticker. It can be your business information, contact, or even the ingredients of your product. Don’t be too confident to print your sticker before doing any inspection, especially for ensuring there is no typographical error. There are a few disadvantages if you miss checking the typographical error. You might lose your consumer if you put the wrong phone number for your contact. That’s just one of the disadvantages if there any typo on your packaging sticker. So, checking the typographical error should be your priority. 

2. Don’t Include Invalid Information! 

Always updating your information if you put it on the packaging sticker! You should remove any information that has already invalid. For example, if your business moves to another address, then you should change your address if you put it on the packaging sticker. If you keep using the last, maybe your consumer will be confused when finding your business place. That’s the reason why you should avoid including invalid information on the sticker.   

3. Using the Font Type That Difficult to Read 

There are a few font types that won’t be good if you set it to scale down. It is because the font type will be difficult to read by people. That’s why you should avoid choosing the font that will be hard to read. Besides, you should avoid using the aesthetic and unique font type that make people guessing because it is hard to recognize and read. So, choose the font type that won’t make people refuse to read it. 

4. Overlook the Quality of Packaging Sticker Printing 

You should avoid this mistake! Why? How can you get a good sticker if its look shows the reverse? That’s the reason why you can’t underestimate the quality of printing. By having a good looking sticker, it shows that you take your business seriously and more professional. So, considering an experience printing service will be a good choice. You can visit sticker printing for helping you get a good packaging sticker! 

5. Using Same Tone Color for Font and Background 

Do you know if the font and background have the same tone of color, you might be hard to read it? So, that’s why you should avoid this. You can choose the contrast color between the font and the background. It will make both of them easy to read and see. 

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