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Poster Printing for Successful Marketing

by Jonathan Toki

Poster printing may sound like an outdated method of marketing, but it is great and definitely effective. There are a lot of advantages that you can get from poster printing intended for marketing, and you surely don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity: 

1. Wide Reach 

With a poster, you can reach a wider range of audience and find the right niche in the market with it. Poster printing is great for targeted marketing, especially if you are aiming a specific area. It is even better if the area is lively with passersby so that it can get exposed to more pairs of eyes. 

2. Wide Space 

Posters are generally spacious for a lot of information and you can even go really bold with it. As long as the space to put it up is available, you can print large sized posters for impactful marketing.  

3. Affordable 

Poster printing is definitely cost effective and affordable that even small businesses can go for it.  It is undoubtedly a very recommended method of marketing for businesses that has only begun and is low on marketing budgets. 

4. Market Anytime 

A poster that is put up will be there twenty four hours a day and seven days in a week. Compared to advertisements that require broadcast, a poster has no time restrictions and it works nonstop. Just make sure that the poster is posted on a highly visible place for everyone to find and see easily. 

Kiasu Print offers you poster printing in great quality at an affordable price. Don’t worry about whether or not it can be put up outdoors. The answer is yes, because the ink used for printing posters in Kiasu Print is outdoor ink that gives you a high resolution that appears sharp and crisp. You can use it for many different occasions without having to worry about the quality deteriorating too soon. To find out more about the product you can go to Kiasu Rubber Stamp to get more details. 

In Kiasu Print, you are free to choose from a large variety of sizes for poster printing. The posters that are available for order range from as big as A0 to as small as A5.  

What’s great about Kiasu Print is that you can submit the design of the poster that you have made by simply uploading it to the website or through e-mail. Of course, you can ask for artwork designing service. 

Don’t worry, even though the poster that you will get from Kiasu Print is in high quality, you won’t have to wait too long for it. Once the artwork is confirmed, you will only have to wait a couple of working days for your poster to be printed and ready for pickup or even delivery. 

Poster Printing Tips: The file that you submit should be in 300 dpi at minimum, and the colors must be in CMYK to ensure accurate printing. The scale of the design submitted with the size of the poster must be in a 1:1 scale with 3 mm bleed on the sides to avoid the important part of the poster from getting trimmed.

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