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Need to send a Card in a pinch? Postcards are the way to go!

by Jonathan Toki

What is a Postcard?

It is packaged in a rectangle of thick paper or thin cardboard. It will be mailed without an envelope in the case of a picture one side carries a picture or photograph. Sending a postcard is not as straightforward as quickly composing a message and pressing the send button without giving it much thought. 

On the other hand, designing, printing postcard, crafting a message, and mailing them takes time and work. These extra efforts give the impression that you care about the person you are communicating with. An easy to read postcard can indicate a card that is worth more than average. 

The growth in technology has seen a transformation in the way businesses do marketing. However, some things never go out of style, and postcards are one of them. It has been around for a long time and is not going away anytime soon. 

The Difference Between an Promotional Email and a Postcard?

A promotional email exists only in an intangible, electronic form.  An email cannot be felt or held. Furthermore, because an email arrives as a single line of text in a crowded inbox, it is easily overlooked or deleted. 

Postcards, on the other hand, are almost always held, touched, and seen. You are not required to open it. The message is right there on the front, so the recipient can see what the company is offering straight away. It has a limited space to write your message. Keep your message short and sweet. Postcards are delivered to your target audience in physical form.

What is it about Postcards that people find so Appealing?

It’s a genuine “wish you were here” message; a hand-picked thought card from across the globe. It makes people feel good on the inside since you truly put effort into it, which is too unusual these days.

Why should you send a Postcard to yourself? 

It aids you in remembering certain specifics of a journey in a concrete manner. In today’s digital age, having something tangible to hold imbues the object with importance. Keeping a postcard with entertaining trip tidbits helps you remember where you went, when you went, and what you did there.