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Name Card Designing Tips

by Jonathan Toki

A name card may be small, but it can determine how your company is seen or perceived. People tend to sum up about your company simply from looking at the way your name card is designed. A sloppy and half-heartedly made name card would usually result in a less positive image, while a name card that is meticulously and properly designed will have a better impact and impression on the receiver of the card, supporting any means behind the handing of the card, whether it is promoting, advertising, or simply a friendly introduction to your business.

Companies and many individuals take business card printing in Singapore very seriously because of this. With the growth of the creative industry and the rising realization of how important design is in this technology era, the design of a name card has become much more important. People try to come up with designs that are eye-catching and interesting to leave a stronger and longer-lasting impression so that they can build a better business relationship with their clients and partners.

To learn more about how to create name cards that are interesting, here are several things you can note down.

1. Study and compare

Try to look at the many existing designs of name cards whether online or offline. Think and question what makes them interesting, or what makes them look bad. Take note of what is good and bad, and determine what you want to have on your name card and what you don’t This way, you can have a guideline of what you should do with your design so that you won’t be as blank even to start with a clean canvas for your name card.

2. Basic design principle

However the design of your name card will turn out, later on, it is very critical to remember about the basic design principle. Look out for the edges of your name card and avoid designing or putting elements to close to the ends of your cards because they might get cut. Always leave some space for the bleed, approximately five millimeters. Keep the content of your name card closer to the edge so that it is easier for people to look at your name card. Fonts that are used must be kept legible, and don’t use too many different types of fonts at once to avoid confusion. In designing a name card, you should make sure that you are designing in CMYK colors instead of RGB to prevent any difference in the output compared to what is displayed on the screen during the design. The design must also be kept at 300 dpi so that it can result in a sharp and crisp image.

3. High quality material

Choose card stock that has an above-average quality so that your name card can stand out and give a professional and credible image. A high quality name card shows that you take your clients and business partners as well as prospects seriously and it also reflects the kind of company you are; one that is proper and pays attention to the details, meticulous in your work. People will appreciate the small gestures like this.

For name cards, you can choose the paper stock that is slightly thicker, and if possible and suitable, one that is textured for a slight touch of elegance.

4. Proofread

Proofreading is often forgotten, but it is actually very important. Before you go to the process of name card printing, make sure that you proofread. Not only to make sure that there is no spelling or grammatical errors whatsoever but also to make sure that you are satisfied with the design with no mistakes. A perfect and flawless name card works best and most effective.

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