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How to Write Personal and Business Thank You Cards

by May Gatson

It is never wrong to send out a thank you card, especially after an event or after receiving a gift, favor, and other things that benefit you from someone. Amidst all the digitization of things, receiving a thank you card in this era will most likely feel meaningful and valuable as thank you card gives off a personalized feel that makes you feel closer to the sender and definitely appreciated too. 

It is indeed not always easy to write for a thank you card printing properly. But, here are some of the tips that you can take note of so that you can do it better. 

1. Personal Thank You Card 

For personal purposes, it is great if you send out a thank you card when you receive a gift, when you’ve been a houseguest in someone’s home, and when someone has helped you or done a favor for you. 

2. Business Thank You Note 

Meanwhile, for business, you can write thank you card after attending a job interview, after a promotion or pay rise, after a business meal whether lunch, dinner or party, upon receiving advice from an acquaintance, after receiving a reference letter, and other occasions alike. 

Make sure that you differentiate the tone of the message you write in your personal thank you note with your business thank you note. 

How to Write a Personal Thank You Card 

A thank you card is better on paper than email. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use email for thank you notes or cards. However, you have to send it individual thank you notes rather than mass-emailing people as the thank you message should feel personal to each person. 

When writing a thank you card, you have to put your address at the top, and don’t forget to add the date. Start off your thank you message with a “Dear,” followed by the recipient’s name before you convey what you are grateful for. The second sentence of your paragraph should convey the delight and use of the gift given or how grateful you are after receiving their help. Make the thank you message about the recipient of your thank you card instead of making it about you. Close your thank you card with a closing sentence that expresses your eagerness to see or speak to the recipient again. Don’t forget to say thank you, and end it with “yours sincerely”, or “love”, or “best wishes”, and others alike. 

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