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How does the World of Politics Benefit from Agencies?

by Jonathan Toki

It is a secret to almost no one in the world that politicians tend to benefit from branding and the constant work done by agencies like Mandreel. In the modern era, it is essential to communicate to people a message that goes beyond the simple phrase “vote for me”. Modern politics wants to encourage people to vote and that they firmly believe that their vote was useful for their needs.

Creating this political environment is known as “political branding. It is important for all agencies or individuals doing this kind of work to understand that both a personal and political brand can go hand in hand and are similar to trademarks. Both types of brands seek to create a need for the public, offering the answers they must consume. Obviously, in the end, the voter must choose which politician he or she prefers.

Why is political branding important?

Political branding is of utmost importance because due to the advances of the modern era it is increasingly difficult to convince and encourage people to vote. Political parties need to keep up to date and learn new ways to connect with people.

Just like trademarks that need to keep up with and adapt to modern changes, politicians and political parties also need to adapt to survive and not lose people’s trust. On the other hand, although it is difficult to accept, nowadays image and public relations are much more important than ideology

People can more easily connect with a politician who will stimulate their emotions, rather than a politician who will tell them about his ideology and political plans for the country. To stimulate transmissions, agencies like Mandreel.com come into play in the world of politics.

Benefits of political branding

  • Communication: Through the use of media such as social networks, the internet, ATL, and BTL, politicians can communicate, effectively, and systematically with people.
  • Differentiation: people learn to differentiate between political parties and candidates.
  • Loyalty: people identify with the candidate, and become loyal to his way of thinking.
  • Consolidation: Candidates not only consolidate themselves in the hearts of their voters, but they also consolidate political alliances that can be very useful for campaigns.
  • Interaction: politicians learn to communicate and connect emotionally with people. It is very useful to sell a personal brand and to know the interests and needs of the voters.

Political branding success stories

At present, different political causes can be mentioned that are seen as real successes. The first one we can mention is the former president of the United States, Barack Obama. During the 2008 and 2012 campaigns, he won the trust of his voters with a clear, direct, and attractive communication style.

As a second example, we can mention the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. Unlike other presidents or candidates, he appealed to the emotions of specific population groups to gain their trust and subsequently win the presidential election.

When working with political branding, agencies like www.mandreel.com, maintain professionalism and objectivity, to achieve all the objectives set out at the outset. On the other hand, agencies can impact people’s emotions to create a unique candidate image and turn it into a kind of “love brand”.

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