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Finding Halal Foods in America

by Jonathan Toki

Being able to find halal food is a joy for Muslims in the United States, especially in America. Because not a lot of halal food is sold in this area.

One of the famous halal foods in the DMV area is Ravi Kabob, a restaurant that has halal certification located at 305 North Glebe Road, Arlington, Virginia. This restaurant, which serves Pakistani food, has been around since 1997.

What to Expect

When visiting Ravi Kabob for the first time, visitors will be surprised by the atmosphere in the restaurant which is often full of customers. The chairs provided were entirely occupied by dinner connoisseurs.

The queue of buyers and those waiting for orders became one. As a result, many wait their turn for empty seats, so they can enjoy the food at the restaurant directly.

A number of the staff seem to have trouble serving customers, the majority of whom are Middle Eastern citizens who live in the United States. Meanwhile, other staff seemed busy cleaning up chairs and tables that had been used so they could be reused by new customers.

Before ordering, you can see a number of foods from the glass display case. Seen a row of typical Pakistani food served. You just have to order from the clerk, then the officer will immediately take the food from the window.

Pictures of the food menu are also displayed at the top, so that potential buyers can clearly see the food menu provided. Some menus are cooked suddenly so customers have to wait patiently.

Not only that, a row of food menu names is also listed in the menu book. Starting from the appetizer menu, the main menu to the dessert menu and drinks.

The Specialties

We recommend that you order the famous Chicken Karahi menu at this restaurant. When the staff came to bring the ordered food, Chicken Karahi was served in a large bowl in a puff of smoke. The aroma of spices typical of the Middle East immediately smelled.

When you first tasted it, it seemed familiar to the Indonesian tongue. The chicken is tender and wrapped in a rich yellow spice that smells good of spices. It feels so good. Suitable for Indonesian tongue. One large portion of Chicken Karahi can be enjoyed by 3 to 4 people.

In addition, you can also order the Lamb Chop Tandoori. This is a menu of mutton cooked with a mixture of spices and then grilled. The goat meat is soft and doesn’t smell at all. It’s even more delicious when dipped in chutney sauce and fragrant biryani rice.

Another menu we highly recommend is Beef Kabob. This is minced beef that is shaped into an elongated round and grilled served nice and warm. The beef is tender and goes well with sauces and salads. You can also enjoy each dish with biryani rice or tandoori bread.

While enjoying the food served, you can see the walls of the restaurant which are full of pictures of mosques that stand in Pakistan.


The price for a serving of Chicken Karahi is $28.99, while the Lamb Chop Tandoori is $20.99 and Beef Kabob is priced at $14.99. The price is in line with the good taste; no wonder this restaurant is visited by many visitors every day.

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