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Do Not Use the Company Seal Until You Read This 6 Information

by May Gatson

It seems that everyone often finds signatures and company stamp used on various types of documents. So, they are probably familiar with that. But what about the company seal? Do you see it often? Actually, it is also used on documents, just like the signature and company stamp. But why is it so rare to find? That is because only certain documents that can be applied by using it. Well, that’s the reason why seals are rarely seen affixed to various types of documents. 

Shortly, people call company seal as an official signature of a company or organization. It is one of the must-have tools in a business. So, if you are interested in using a company seal, it’s best if you know more basic information about it first. Here are some of the basic ones!

1. Definition and Function 

For some documents, legal authorizing marks such as signature and company stamp are not sufficient. Therefore, the company seal is added to that. The company seal or some people call it a common seal is a symbol that is usually affixed to documents represent that the act and deed were under the company or organization. It is rarely used compared with the signature and stamp because its application is limited to only the high-level document. But, not only limited to certain documents, it is also limited to people who can access it. Only the decision-maker or people who have the authority who can access and use it!

2. Advantage

Nowadays, the signature and company stamp is not that difficult to imitate. That is the reason why vital documents require a company seal. It can avoid and reduce the possibility of forgery, especially for important documents. Because of that, the company seal can be used as a symbol of authenticity.

3. Material

Years ago, wax was the main material for making a seal. But nowadays, you probably hard to find a wax seal as an official company signature since it has been replaced with an adhesive sticker. Moreover, embossed marks can also be made directly on paper without using any material such as a sticker or wax.

4. Relevance

If you ask, is a company seal relevant now? Yes it is! Even if there is no mandatory in your country for the seal, it would be great if you obtain it. Why? In many other countries, a company seal is still required for certain documents. So, you might need it if one day your company will do a business with an overseas company.

5. Tips Before You Can Use It

There are a few tips to follow before you can use it! Well, here are the tips!

  • You need to read and understand the state law regarding the common seal
  • Use it only in a valuable situation
  • If you need more information about the utilization, you should consider asking and going to a professional about it.

6. Get a Company Seal

The seal must be prepared by you since the secretary of the state will not offer it. You can go to the company seal maker, but make sure you go to the trusted ones. Another thing you have to do before you can ask the maker for making the seal, make sure that you already have all of the information needed. Some of them are the name of the company, incorporated year and state, registration number, and logo.

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