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Beginner’s Guide to Opening a Bakery in Singapore

by May Gatson

If you are a person who’s confident in your baking skills, you definitely should turn your hobby into a profitable activity. Opening a bakery is one of the things that you can do.

Starting a business may sound like a daunting thing, however you need not worry. In this article, you will find helpful tips and guide to open up your own bakery successfully. So make sure you note these down, and start progressing on your very own business today.


Like all businesses, opening a bakery also needs thorough planning. Here are a few things that you need to consider while setting up your plans:

1. Type of bakery

Think of what kind of bakery shop you want to open. The decision of the type of shop depends on your initial budget, skills, and goals. Perhaps you might try opening it online, receive the order through your phone, and bake as ordered. Or maybe you can go for a good old counter service where customers can just walk right into your shop and pick whatever they like on display. Maybe you can also try to narrow down your specialty to a certain kind of pastries, and so on.

2. Business Plan

Creating a well thought business plan will help you to see your business from every angle and perspective. A business plan can assist you in defining your business, set your goals, help you see ways of gaining revenue, listing expenses, determining your customer base, and examining your competitions.

One of the most important factors in the business plan is about finances. You have to think about the startup cost and determine what are the necessities for your business to embark. You also have to count for the break even point so that you can know how much money that you need to survive until you reach that point.

3. Space

Of course, you need a place for your bakery. If you’re doing your bakery from home, then there’s absolutely no problem with finding a place. However, if you want your customers to walk into your shop, then you definitely have to rent a space for your bakery shop that can accommodate basic bakery shop necessities such as kitchen and public areas. Adjust the decision with the available funds. You can always start small and simple and grow over time, so don’t worry about it.

4. Determine price

People tend to calculate the price of their goods by the cost of supplies and the time it takes to make it. However, it is better to also put clean up time, packaging, and time promoting into your cost consideration.

5. Find support

For starters, it’s especially not going to be easy. You will need help from people around you as much as possible as you come with a limited budget. It is great if you can find people to assist you with the store opening or simply emotional support through all the time consuming process that may drain you out. This may sound like an afterthought, but it is actually important to keep you push through. If you are planning to incorporate your company in Singapore you can go to this website to find out more.

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