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6 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Self Inking Stamp

by May Gatson

A self-inking stamp is one of the most popular rubber stamps now. But what makes it different from other types of rubber stamps? What are the benefits of using it? And any tips before buying the stamp? So, if you need to know more information about self-inking stamps before asking a rubber stamp maker for manufacturing yours, here are some details that you will need! 

1. The Difference Between Self-Inking Stamp and Pre-Inked Stamp 

Knowing the difference between self-inking stamps and pre-inked stamps is absolutely crucial. How do you know that you choose the best stamp based on your needs without knowing the difference between them? So, let’s get started. First, a self-inking stamp is a water-based ink stamp that consists of a rubber stamp and a stamp pad on it. Every time an impression is created, the rubber stamp will be reinks on the stamp pad or ink pad. Second, a pre-inked stamp is an oil-based ink stamp that produces a sharp, best and crisp bold impression. And for those who want to create a great impression, the pre-inked stamp must be the best option for you! 

2. Ink Colours 

As you know earlier that self-ink stamps use water-based inks, so now let’s talk about the colours of the inks. There are various colours available for the inks including blue, black, green, red, orange, or purple. But the most popular one is blue ink! One thing to remember is that there are specific ink colours for various needs. So, choose wisely!  

3. Shape and Size 

The most popular shapes for the stamps are rectangular and round. And about the size, there are various sizes that you can choose from. But keep in mind, you need to consider the type and size of the document when choosing the best size for your stamps! 

4. The Advantage of Using Self-Inking Stamp 

Here is a list of some of the advantages of using self-ink stamps! 

  • The stamps are portable and easy to use 
  • You can use it for company stamps, decoration stamps, or other purposes! 
  • Easy to find and buy 
  • The stamp is durable. You can even use it for many years 
  • You can create lots of impressions 
  • Only take a little time to apply 
  • Super affordable, both for stamps and ink 
  • Etc.  

5. Disadvantage 

Well, for those who are not familiar with the process of re-inking the stamp, that process will be quite challenging for them. And, to get the perfect impression of the stamp, stable pressure is needed. 

6. Tips When Looking for a Stamp Maker 

So, for the last thing, you should know about some tips when you are looking for a self inking stamp maker. Actually, a stamp maker is not difficult to find, since you can find them on the internet or in your local area. But what must be underlined is that every stamp maker doesn’t have the same quality and skill or experience. Most people only consider price when choosing the perfect maker for them, without thinking more about the skill and quality. That make the results of their stamp are questionable. So, when finding a stamp maker for your self-inking stamp, you should consider not only the price but also the skill of the maker and the quality of the result. How can I know about that? Don’t forget that you have internet access to read some customer reviews! 

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