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4 Main Steps About Preparing Wedding Invitation Cards!

by May Gatson

wedding invitation card is used to tell the recipient if the sender officially invites them to their wedding. So, the sender hopes that by giving the invitation card, the recipient can mark their calendar and organize their activities to attend the wedding. If you decide to celebrate and share your happiness on your wedding day, then the invitation card is a must-have item for you! There are four main steps in preparing the invitations, from the beginning until the card is received by all the names on the guest list. Well, without any further due, let’s jump into each prep step! 

1. Start with Guest List 

We can say that the guest list is a fundamental aspect of wedding preparation. Many things depend on it. The number of favours, tables, and seats, the portions of the catering, and of course the number of invitation cards are just a few examples of the things that are the mainstay of the guest list. So, making a guest list is the initial thing before you can move forward to other preparations. If you have a year to prepare for your wedding, then it would be great to start compiling a list 12- 9 months before the wedding. In this step, you can discuss with your fiancé the number of guests, who will be involved in making the list, and how to divvy up it. Then for the next 8 – 6 months, it’s time for finalizing all of the names, addresses, and the number of guests to be invited. 

2. Your Wedding Invitation Card Design 

So, 5-4 months before the wedding, you can start designing or ordering invitation cards. Actually, for the design, you can do it by yourself or ask a professional graphic designer to create yours. You can apply your wedding theme to the design to make people have a little more vision and more enthusiastic about how your wedding will look like. If you are interested in becoming a designer for yourself, then Adobe and Corel are two of the most popular design apps that you can try to create your own designs. Don’t forget to look for references first about wedding invitations on the internet to get more ideas and creativity in the process of making it.  

3. Print 

So, the third step after you have finished the design is to print it. For printing, you have the same options as in the previous step, when you want to design your invitation. That means you can print it at home or go to a professional printing service. You decide which one will be your choice. But it is recommended for you to go to a professional printing service since the quality of print determines the result of your invitation card. Don’t worry if you have a limited budget because you can choose the size and materials for your wedding invitation cards that suit your budget! 

4. Send the Invitation! 

The final step after you finally get the printed wedding invitation card is to send them all to every address and name that has been written on the guest list. It will be perfect for you to start sending out the invitations 8 – 6 weeks before the wedding. But if you want to send it to someone who lives in another city or even another country, then you can send the invitation earlier.

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