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4 Common Mistake That Usually Happens When Making a Name Card

by May Gatson

A name card is still relevant until now. You can make it for yourself or even for your business. The name card has a lot of functions. It can represent you in a person or represent your business, give the first impression, facilitate people to exchanging their contact, and more. Because of that, even though people can directly ask the others about their name, contacts, and more personal information, people still use the name card since it creates a formal and professional image.

There are other reasons why people are still using it. The name card can be stock and reprint easily, as long as you don’t want to change the information or design of the card. Plus, you won’t spend a lot of money to make the card, because it has an affordable price. Besides, a name card is also easy to make and get! You can make it by using the design apps. Then to get the printed name card, you can print it independently or go to the professional name card printing.

As mentioned before, that name card is easy to make. But, don’t get me wrong. Even though it is easy to create, you can still make a mistake when creating it. So, to know more about the mistake that regularly happens, you have to keep reading it!

1. Typo Is Frequently Happen

One of the common mistakes when making a name card is a typographical error. People may be called you with a different name because of that. Also, they may have a call with the wrong person if there any typo on your phone number. What do you think about that? Typographical error is not something that you can forget or ignore. And the worst case, a typo can take away a business opportunity for you. For example, if someone called you for joining his business project, but the typo makes him call another person, maybe you can’t be joined with that project.

2. Invalid Information

You have to get the new name card if you put invalid information on it. For example, you still put the last address of your business on the name card. Someone might go to the old business area and finally find out that you have already moved. Because of that, you may lose another good opportunity. The same case as the previous one.

3. Overdesign

Design is important but be careful about making it overdesign. People may be hard to read the information on the name card because of that. The point that you need to emphasize on your design is about making people more focused on the impression and information that you wanna show them by using name cards.

4. Forget to Include the Information

Do you know the basic information on the name card? Usually, the basic information on the name card is people or business name, job title, logo, contacts, etc. But sometimes people forgot to include some of the information on the card. Maybe it happens because of sudden preparation. So, the one who creates it hasn’t checked the completeness of the information. Because of that, you have to make sure all of the information required is completed, before you print it.

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